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racism cw

(about the moderate livelihood fishery in nova scotia)

it's so disgusting to see how the police and government take the sides of white terrorists rather than defending the people of colour who the white terrorists threaten

when native americans defend the land and the water from oil and gas companies destroying it, the police won't hesitate to violently attack us

but when hundreds of white terrorists destroy the property of native americans, set fire to our buildings, set fire to our vehicles, destroy our boats and lobster traps, and threaten to kill us, the police just stand around and watch

my people are just trying to fish a very small amount compared to how much the non-native commercial fishermen fish, so that we can make a moderate livelihood. we've been fishing long before the white people invaded, and we know how to do it sustainably. yet the commercial fishermen, these terrorists, claim they're violently protesting us in the name of "conservation."

and many stores now are even refusing to serve us, to serve native americans, because of the events going on

racism sits comfortably in canada, racism sits comfortably in nova scotia

here's a CBC article about what's going on right now

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Here is a list of ressources (news, education, email templates, donation links, supplies needed, etc.) to support

New postcard designs! Please reblog!

Heyo! if you don't know about my postcard fundraiser, here's the lowdown:

I'm selling postcards to help my older brother get through his last semester at med school. So far we've collected $1000 out of $5000 dollars needed.

Any help will be appreciated, here's the gofundme link if you want to check it out for yourself. Otherwise I am selling everything I can to help out, this includes knitted hats and postcards (for now).

Each postcard is $2, and can be mailed to the address of your choosing, all proceeds go to this fundraiser. Animal Crossing themed postcards that cover this current upcoming spooky holiday and some for the rest of the year! Venmo/Paypal preferred, proof of shipment will be provided.

So basically,

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I'm extremely poor right now. I haven't worked in awhile due to depression, and I don't. Have any food. Everyone else is really poor atm, and we need to pay bills. Thus why we can't buy anymore food for everyone. We have 11 cats, and they're running out of food, which is draining all of us.

I'd be super appreciative if anyone would be willing to support me on Ko-Fi, or you can ask for my paypal.

I feel bad for asking, but this is important, and this won't happen again.