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oh yeah cringetober day 1.. hoohoo

this is bee. uh they have partial heterochromia i guess?!

[id: bee has reddish tawny skin, curly brown hair, and mixed brown and blue eyes. they have black sheep ears, ivory ram horns, and sharp black teeth. they are wearing a short, open red gandora with a white and gold tunic underneath. they are doing a "gao pose", fake growling at the viewer with their arms raised and their fingers outstretched, like a cat about to attack. the background is a glittery gold to dark turquoise gradient. end id]

oh yah i forgot this

starrieskies -

[id: a drawing of my oc, bee. they have tawny brown skin and dark brown eyes. they have fluffy shoulder length brown hair. are wearing a red cloak with playing card patterns on it, and a red coat underneath. they have white stockings and dark brown fur boots. they are walking towards the left of the camera while looking up. end id]

anyway i hshdshfgdsh

[id: a comparison of how i draw my oc bee today vs how i drew her two months ago. the bee on the left has actual human proportions while the bee on the right is just...chibi-esque.

bee is wearing their old outfit with the red cloak plus coat combo and brown fur boots. end id.]

moar doodles

[id: various doodles of splatoon characters and personas. there are: two agent 8s, marina, mascot inkling girl wearing a sweater, calepsy, a random inkling, and three of the same fursona. the fursona is a chinchilla with lopped bunny ears and a swirly cinnamon bun for hair. end id]