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[id: a drawing of catra hugging kirby. catra has curly hair and is wearing her final horde outfit. she is sitting hunched over with her legs crossed, pressing her cheek against kirby's head. kirby is wearing catra's magicat headpiece and is smiling at her with his arms up. they are on a soft purple and blue background. end id.]

weird soft pink cuddly thing

[id: art of a humanized kirby. they are dark skinned with fluffy pink hair. they have two pink stickers on their cheeks, resembling blush. they are wearing a bright pink dress with a red ribbon across the waist, and cherry red mary jane shoes. their hair is decorated with a white and blue headband with a star on the side. the round ruffles on the headband resemble the ruffles on the character Dark Matter. kirby is standing on one leg and pumping their fist in the air, winking at the viewer with an open mouthed smile. a purple cloud of glitter surrounds them. end id.]

widdle kirby gijinka?! (O_o) (◡ ω ◡)

oh yeah cringetober day 1.. hoohoo

this is bee. uh they have partial heterochromia i guess?!

[id: bee has reddish tawny skin, curly brown hair, and mixed brown and blue eyes. they have black sheep ears, ivory ram horns, and sharp black teeth. they are wearing a short, open red gandora with a white and gold tunic underneath. they are doing a "gao pose", fake growling at the viewer with their arms raised and their fingers outstretched, like a cat about to attack. the background is a glittery gold to dark turquoise gradient. end id]

funky forest

[id: a painting of a forest at night. the sky is dark purple with small stars. the trees are blueish green. a pale dirt path stretches into the horizon, which is shrouded by the trees. end id]

oh yah i forgot this

starrieskies -

[id: a drawing of my oc, bee. they have tawny brown skin and dark brown eyes. they have fluffy shoulder length brown hair. are wearing a red cloak with playing card patterns on it, and a red coat underneath. they have white stockings and dark brown fur boots. they are walking towards the left of the camera while looking up. end id]

mmm gorlfrien....

[id: a drawing of two of my splatoon ocs, calepsy and imeth, sitting and holding hands.

calepsy sits on the left. they are an octoling with tan skin and brown eyes. their hair is wavy and waist length. It starts out cyan and fades into purple. they have blunt bangs with two shoulder length side bangs. the right part of their hair is braided while a section of the left part is styled in two upright buns. they are wearing a black leather jacket with a blue undershirt, a short lavender skirt, and black punk boots. they have white knee-high stockings patterned with small colored polka dots.

imeth sits on the right. she is an inkling with brown skin and grayish blue eyes. her hair is shoulder length. it starts purple and fade into light blue. she has two sideswept bangs. her hair has one curlred tentacle on the left and two curls on the right. the left part of her hair also has two upright buns. she is wearing a white ruffled blouse with a black tie, and black shorts. she has two-toned white and dark brown socks and black and blue shoes. she is also wearing black and white earphones.

calepsy is smirking softly while imeth has a shy, toothy smile.

end id.]

starlitsquids -

you know what else is tiny? my p................ixel of imeth

i cant stop drawing her please help

clickie for biggie

anyway i hshdshfgdsh

[id: a comparison of how i draw my oc bee today vs how i drew her two months ago. the bee on the left has actual human proportions while the bee on the right is just...chibi-esque.

bee is wearing their old outfit with the red cloak plus coat combo and brown fur boots. end id.]

moar doodles

[id: various doodles of splatoon characters and personas. there are: two agent 8s, marina, mascot inkling girl wearing a sweater, calepsy, a random inkling, and three of the same fursona. the fursona is a chinchilla with lopped bunny ears and a swirly cinnamon bun for hair. end id]

drawpile stufff

[id: doodles of various characters and ocs. among them is haru and kasumi from persona 5. at the bottom, calepsy and imeth are in their hero suit outfits, holding hands. at the right is a pale skinned person with blond hair and green eyes. they are wearing a pale blue sweater with yellow stars on it. end id]

in other words, i love this person's oc way too much. she belongs to lunamooon on artfight~

[id: a halfbody painting of lunamoon's inkling oc. they have golden tan skin and have shoulder length teal blue hair. part of it is tied in a high ponytail. two short bangs rest on their forehead. they are wearing a thick yellow sweater with an orange stripe across the chest and arms. they are also wearing a blue denim skirt.

they have one hand on their hip and are pointing to the left with the other, winking at whoever is to the left of the camera. a coffee brown circle is behind them as a background. end id]

bro, we're idols!

(alt version under the cut)

[id: a drawing of imeth and kipp in their idol outfits.

imeth stands on the left. she is wearing a black dress with a white tie. the dress has white polka dots above the waist, and a piano pattern wrapping across the bottom. the dress has a white ribbon tied across the waist. she has short black fingerless gloves with white on the edges. she has white knee-high stockings that have a black and purple drip pattern merging into the white. her shoes are black pumps.

kipp is wearing an open white jacket over a black and white tuxedo with a white tie. they are wearing wide black shorts and two-toned white and black stockings with mint green vertical stripes on the black. their shoes are white slip-ons. kipp is fixing their jacket and smirking.

the alt version under the cut simply has the colors of their outfits inverted.

end id]

it kipp

[id: a gif of chibi kipp bouncing. she is standing with her arms crossed. every so often, they stick out their tongue and wink at the viewer. end id]

rockint765-deactivated-2019AugTue-190813090833-2224 asked:

AA HEWWO idk if you take drawing requests but could you do a doodle of Maiko (P3) and Nanako (P4) playing together or smth!! I JUST.. they’re my lil daughters..

here we go~!

[id: art of maiko from persona 3 and nanako from persona 4. nanako is wearing her sleuth outfit from persona 4 dancing all night. she is holding up and looking into an owl mirror, while maiko peeks out from behind her, holding a magnifying glass. end id]

yu and hammy

[id: halfbody chibis of yu narukami and hamuko arisato back to back. yu is on the left, scratching his nose and smiling down at hamuko. hamuko has her hands clasped together and is grinning at yu. the background is a flowery coffee brown. end id.]

part twooo

[id: a chibi of a light skinned person with waist length blond hair and light brown eyes. they have two blunt bangs that cover their forehead. the bottom portion of their hair is twisted in several large curls. they are wearing a long brown sweater with a long beige undershirt and salmon pink shorts. they have dark brown boots and a pink beanie.

they are leaning on one leg and looking off to the side. end id]

hello, Not-Lusamine

[id: a chibi of a light skinned person with waist length blond hair and light brown eyes. they have two blunt bangs that cover their forehead. the bottom portion of their hair is twisted in several large curls. they are wearing a white dress that has a black stripe at the bottom and black ribbon at the collar. they are wearing brown and black sandals.

they are walking to the right and staring at the viewer with no expression. they have no mouth. end id]

time to do a Think!

[id: art of maxwell and lily from scribblenauts. maxwell is tapping his chin with a pencil while trying to think of what to write in his notebook. lily leans over and takes a peak, resting a finger on her chin while crossing her arms. they are both standing in an open grassy field. end id]

idk what to write here but yay ac switch 🎉

[id: art of three animal crossing characters: carmen, a villager, and fauna. carmen and fauna are holding hands with the villager in the middle. the villager has brown skin, black eyes, and short, fluffy black hair. she has purple rectangular glasses and a tiny gold crown. she is wearing a pink lolita style dress with ribbons and ruffles. she has white stockings and cyan and white sneakers.

the background is soft pink and blue flowers, with a pink and blue rectangle border.

end id]