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fairy queen! 💎

a little burnin' leo for a friend :)

[id: a drawing of catra hugging kirby. catra has curly hair and is wearing her final horde outfit. she is sitting hunched over with her legs crossed, pressing her cheek against kirby's head. kirby is wearing catra's magicat headpiece and is smiling at her with his arms up. they are on a soft purple and blue background. end id.]

weird soft pink cuddly thing

[id: art of a humanized kirby. they are dark skinned with fluffy pink hair. they have two pink stickers on their cheeks, resembling blush. they are wearing a bright pink dress with a red ribbon across the waist, and cherry red mary jane shoes. their hair is decorated with a white and blue headband with a star on the side. the round ruffles on the headband resemble the ruffles on the character Dark Matter. kirby is standing on one leg and pumping their fist in the air, winking at the viewer with an open mouthed smile. a purple cloud of glitter surrounds them. end id.]

widdle kirby gijinka?! (O_o) (◡ ω ◡)

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ummmm redraw... th bg iz vewy lazy but whatever uyghui!!!.. og unda cut! itz from a year n a day ago x3


i guess i should make one of these? hi, im starrie (18 | she/they)! i like nintendo stuff and make art sometimes!

my interests include:

  • splatoon

  • pokemon (mystery dungeon!!)

  • kirby

  • mario

  • ace attorney

  • SMT

  • persona 4/5

  • warriors

  • puyo puyo

  • fire emblem

  • animal crossing

  • jjba

  • terraria

  • vocaloid

  • 999

  • ocs

if you post any of the above, i'd appreciate if you'd like/reblog this post so i can break down your door follow you!! 🦑