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starrieskies -

my ribs really said no fun allowed 😔

starrieskies -

this is hurting a bit too much tho

if i actually pulled a muscle/broke something from laughing at jojo memes im gonna activate my stand 🤣

I saw this room in a video earlier and I just HAD to put jotaro in it ;;

josuke is cutest boy and jonathan is goodest boy

blood mention

man, jojo characters sure bleed easily huh? you just punch em once and half of their life juice is on the floor

and is it me or did this get way more frequent during part 3? xD

anyway after years of hiatus, i finally caught up to jjba part 4 and

i have so many crushes 😭


i guess i should make one of these? hi, im starrie (18 | she/they)! i like nintendo stuff and make art sometimes!

my interests include:

  • splatoon

  • pokemon (mystery dungeon!!)

  • kirby

  • mario

  • ace attorney

  • SMT

  • persona 4/5

  • warriors

  • puyo puyo

  • fire emblem

  • animal crossing

  • jjba

  • terraria

  • vocaloid

  • 999

  • ocs

if you post any of the above, i'd appreciate if you'd like/reblog this post so i can break down your door follow you!! 🦑