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Amy Rose

Sonic has been running in my brain lately ^^

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hgfhjklkjhg no thoughtz,,,,,,

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As for suggestions to draw... as for an animal what about a snake? Or if you'd like to draw a character maybe Bokutou Koutarou from Haikyuu?

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a rose with thorns

once again, i drew @angelicaphelion's oc Faux!!! i just love this character so much

i'm not really sure why they're holding a rose? especially one with thorns? but it was the first pose i could think of and roses are pretty,,,

A pair of Z'mai dragon twins for @thehauntedbird

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ummmm redraw... th bg iz vewy lazy but whatever uyghui!!!.. og unda cut! itz from a year n a day ago x3

Galarian Ponyta. I drew this before the game was released, so it’s not completely accurate; I still love it though. 🦄🌈

An art trade I did with g0theon on Twitter!

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nother 1! kinda turned out a bit darker thn intended but w/e!! xd

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Snowed in for the weekend and drawing lots

in other words, i love this person's oc way too much. she belongs to lunamooon on artfight~

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some art i did for @starrieskies agent 8 redesign!

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oH SDSFHDAS THAT'S SO SUPER CUTE I LOVE IT!! thank you for drawing my little redesign, i didnt think anyone would actually do that ;v; ♥

Number 1 of a series of 3,

Steven Universe 'Polaroid' selfies

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