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i love this game, but...

whoever decided the hourly music should only play after you upgrade resident services, im going to personally bonk you on the head

36_Days_Of_Type_07 - 'A'

A for Animal Crossing, of course ;)

Full post Here !!

(Created for Meantime Media)

(*note* - I will not be doing all the letters, but I will be doing 9 out of the 36 entries ><. For all our company's submissions, please follow our Instagram!

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happy toy day!!


i guess i should make one of these? hi, im starrie (18 | she/they)! i like nintendo stuff and make art sometimes!

my interests include:

  • splatoon

  • pokemon (mystery dungeon!!)

  • kirby

  • mario

  • ace attorney

  • SMT

  • persona 4/5

  • warriors

  • puyo puyo

  • fire emblem

  • animal crossing

  • jjba

  • terraria

  • vocaloid

  • 999

  • ocs

if you post any of the above, i'd appreciate if you'd like/reblog this post so i can break down your door follow you!! 🦑