adhd too strong im forgetting things while typing them (´д`)

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As for suggestions to draw... as for an animal what about a snake? Or if you'd like to draw a character maybe Bokutou Koutarou from Haikyuu?

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e 😳

im more upset about the suggestion that we're becoming tumblr 2.0 because people...want to have some control over their online experience? i mean, that's what's so great about having block tools, ya know? a lot of people have had bad experiences both online and offline with certain types of people, and having the ability to remove someone from your space if they make you even a little uneasy is super stress relieving! yeet the anxiety and conflict before it has a chance to happen, yeah?

i understand from a dev standpoint that seeing users block each other for seemingly "insignificant" reasons is upsetting, but ultimately, we're just here to vibe and chill. if someone has taken to impulse-blocking, they've probably dealt with a lot of trouble from other websites already and know what they can and can't handle when interacting with other people. i dont think it's fair to say they're doing it to be cliquey or to closet themselves away from others. but tbh if that's what makes them feel safe, then more power to them! ppl shouldnt have to deal with stuff they dont like while they're relaxing. that's what real life is for

"bro we're about to hit an asteroid belt"

"no prob, let's just move the solar system out of the way. get the thrusters ready"

sleeping restores your hp 🦀🦀🦀

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my ribs really said no fun allowed 😔

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this is hurting a bit too much tho

if i actually pulled a muscle/broke something from laughing at jojo memes im gonna activate my stand 🤣

hey nice to meet you, do you mind if i uh *copies your talking speed, tone, and pitch in an attempt to relate to you*

brain foggy.

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Why do we always say, "So long, gay Bowser"? Why are we always saying goodbye to him? Why don't we greet him for once? "Long time, no see, gay Bowser." "How are you doing, gay Bowser?"

I saw this room in a video earlier and I just HAD to put jotaro in it ;;

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Roses are red,

I don't like you,

Get out of my way or I'll cut you in two

*crying because i want to support pokemon mystery dungeon dx, but i dont want to pay $60 for a remake*

We live in a society

youtuber: "this video cant have been made by someone older than 12"

youtuber: *judges it harshly anyway*


me finally understanding what 'cool for the summer' meant and laughing because homophobic family members would sing it along to it all the time

i like that my computer can handle having 3 adobe products and an mmo open at the same time, but gachalife frickin kills it

josuke is cutest boy and jonathan is goodest boy