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I don't know how many Terraria fans there are on here, but it's about $5 on Steam right now if ya want to grab it.

i think i prefer older professors over younger ones. ;w;

ppl over 50 are so sweet and enthusiastic. but i get a lot of "i dont really want to be here and you're all annoying" vibes from millennial professors



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*waits for someone to call me back after a job interview*

why don't i hear boss music

another color palette thing, heck it's been awhile since i drew ship art of Ezand and Acriten. newcomer to a castle town develops a crush on the local prince of the area.

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a rose with thorns

once again, i drew @angelicaphelion's oc Faux!!! i just love this character so much

i'm not really sure why they're holding a rose? especially one with thorns? but it was the first pose i could think of and roses are pretty,,,

A pair of Z'mai dragon twins for @thehauntedbird

rawrbflfdhd ive got a 2 hour break til next class and i dunno what to do

Galarian Ponyta. I drew this before the game was released, so it’s not completely accurate; I still love it though. 🦄🌈

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ummmm redraw... th bg iz vewy lazy but whatever uyghui!!!.. og unda cut! itz from a year n a day ago x3

i finally got curious enough to look up what scp is and all i have to say is oh boi

An art trade I did with g0theon on Twitter!

The Home at sunset

So, ever since I read this, I knew I had to do something for it. I didn't google what a sunroom was until I finished drawing so this probably is not what @thehome had in mind, and of course, is lacking a whole lot of flower pots since I'm not good at interior desing, but I'll be damned if I say I didn't try my best, so here ya go!

*shakes queue to make it go faster*

Peach - Marios Bros

One of our first painting together!

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Duuuuuuude, I'm a fan of your about page!!! It's so well done and so adorable!!!! <3

duuuude! thanks!! ;w; ❤❤ i wanted to make it like those 90s/early 2000s webpages that had a bunch of pictures and sparkly gifs everywhere lol