i really love these guys ok. and i luv pictures of em. *wink wink nudge nudge* tag me

||comfort characters||

hamuko/minako arisato (synpath!)
anyone from persona 5. haru and ann are my life
yu narukami
nanashi (smt iv)
any of the ace attorney protags, + miles, maya, ema, and pearl. i owe you my life, thank u.
anything pmd tbh, especially eos or gti
anyone from the legendary starfy
anyone from 999 or vlr
any splatoon is good, but esp fem!agent 8 (kin!!), callie, pearl, and marina
the Guide from terraria ppahfs that's so specific sorry
yato or hiyori from noragami
lyn, chrom, corrin, azura, and robin from fire emblem. actually, anyone from fates

||others|| these guys matter less, but i still like seeing 'em on my dash

kirby!! and right back at ya dedede lmaohsdfsdssh
any of the party members from persona 4
kyoko from danganronpa
if you manage to find lost in blue content i will love you forever