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An art trade I did with mofnking on toyhouse!

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I haven't drawn a background in so long, I really want to start again so I can get some much needed practice in.

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New here! 🚀

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Hi! I'm astro and I'm an artist and (aspiring) animator. I like to draw cartoon type stuff and I have heaps of characters that I draw all the time. I have a deviantart and instagram if you feel like checking any of my stuff out ^^ 🚀

(art by me!)

what if we kissed O_O at the top of cobblestone tor? >w<

i cannot lie, i love bede's design and want to Steal it

Fire in the past, sudoku in the future.

blood mention

man, jojo characters sure bleed easily huh? you just punch em once and half of their life juice is on the floor

and is it me or did this get way more frequent during part 3? xD

i think i kinda figured out my attraction but not rly

with boys, i want to be like this special person to them and be one of the few, if not the only person they trust deeply and can have feels with <3

with girls, i want to be their fucking KNIGHT

anyway after years of hiatus, i finally caught up to jjba part 4 and

i have so many crushes 😭

me: *doesn't say anything*
my brain:

pokemon mystery dungeon is an isekai...

like... when i first made this one character, i had trouble pinning down her orientation bc i knew she was somewhere on the ace/aro spectrum, but none of the labels i tried out for her sounded right. and i realized that she just...does not experience attraction in a way i can describe. at least not with any existing english words. she's not demi, she's not fray, she's not lith. even alterous didn't fit... she just has feelings that neither of us know how to describe and i think that's pretty ok.

i wanna upload this thing, but the file size is astronomically large lol

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bastard energy x

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scars represent my headache and inability to sleep

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