starco and the blood moon could've been interesting commentary on how m/f friends feel pressured to get together, esp in childhood, but noooo. >_>
had to completely retcon it (with a single piece of dialogue!!) so ship could still happen

think blood moon is weird writing decision in general. usual path writers would take w that is main characters fall in love in spite of fate bringing them together. is clear relationship is their own decision. but star and marco repeatedly shown uncomfy with their feelings and not wanting to be together romantically. why write characters being so uncomfy if endgoal is normal loving, healthy relationship?

oof. much love to video captioners. i just got jelly fingers from working 2 hrs on a 15 minute video 😅

is it common to like...spontaneously absorb personality traits from your ocs?

because we may...have a problem ( •᷄ ω•᷅ )

if i ever get a tv show, the higher ups are gonna get so tired of me

i'll be shipping and shitposting on twitter all day

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concept art

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started doing profiles for my ocs!!! meet verde! she's the oc i've had for the longest!

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Give support to the Indigenous people that had been protesting in the blockade in Hé Sápa (Black Hills, occupied Očhéthi Šakówiŋ territory) on July 3rd. Many were arrested. Please donate to bail funds if you can:

in better news, i've been having more fictional dreams/dreams about my ocs. if i store up enough dream fuel, i'll fully escape from the physical realm uwu

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because i feel like it

pmd:rtdx team

aero the cubone (hero) and verde the bulbasaur (partner; but in game hes currently an ivysaur)

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sims 4 is one of those games i love to daydream about and watch other people play, but playing it myself is hell

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maybe it's cuz u keep pausing every 10 seconds so nothing even mildly bad happens 👁👁

sims 4 is one of those games i love to daydream about and watch other people play, but playing it myself is hell

i cant believe i've fallen for a mcfreakin dont starve character omg

various alien background character concept designs for ghost and alien, while the details about these aliens aren't important to the story i still have a few ideas + bonus sprites:

anyway mr rose is also my dad

so u r telling me the only reason chairman rose is the antagonist is cuz he didnt want to wait another day to awaken eternatus

i uh ghhdsdfh ok.....

bro just take a nap

A Galarian Ponyta I did following its reveal last year.


shows up to waterfall 1 year late with goro